Apple Watch in DL

I’m getting my first Apple Watch this week. Never had one before, but I have long had iPhones. How can I use it on my upcoming DL trip?

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I love my Apple Watch but have only been to WDW with it. I hope someone can come here with some DL specific info and I look forward to following along.

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Last I heard can’t use the Apple Watch at DL like you can at WDW. Maybe once Magic Band+ can be used to do more than enter park/scan into LLs/scan for PhotoPass.

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As already stated DL doesn’t have the same Magic Mobile uses that WDW does. Can’t use your watch like a MB. Hopefully they will soon.

My apple watch came in handy to set timers for when I could book my next LL though. It was nice that I could set it to just vibrate in case it was while we were on a ride.


That was my favorite use in WDW, too. That and setting alarms for known drop times for LLs – do they have those in DL? Also alarms for places I needed to be. I put them in my calendar and then I get a ten minute warning when I need to be at at meal, a meetup or my LL window. I, too, like the vibration on my wrist because my phone is usually in a bag and I won’t always notice it in loud environments.

The things that did not work as well (in WDW) were mobile payments because I needed to enter a password and it only worked half the time as a magic band.

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Was able to use it to scan tickets into the parks-

But I will say I really preferred using my magic band -

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It was hit or miss for me. I guess it worked about 75% of the time for scanning into the parks. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Do you have to pull something up on the watch to scan into the parks?

You set it up ahead of time in your MDE and watch app, so I think it just comes up automatically.

Unfortunately, not. Apple Watch isn’t of use at DL (except for setting alarms to keep track of LLs). You cannot load park tickets or LLs on your Apple Watch at DL.

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MDE only works at WDW.

I should have mentioned again – as I did in my earlier posts – that I used my AppleWatch instead of a MB at WDW and that I hoped people with DL experience would chime in.

Looks like it’s not available according to Plan Disney: @tjkjbarton please post if you find anything more up to date.

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