Appetizer in place of dessert

The dining plan offered now does “Not” include an appetizer do they offer you the appetizer in place of the dessert? If not why not make that option available, it is probably relatively close in price
I am not a dessert kind of guy.

No, you can’t swap the dessert for an appetizer. This is one reason why the dining plan just doesn’t work for us (we’re not dessert people either).

did find out that you can in a lot of places sub for a salad soup or fruit bowl

Yes, you may be able to sub for a side in some restaurants, not appetizers though.

At Skipper’s Canteen, they allowed us to swap a dessert for one of two select appetizers. It’s worth asking.

News flash!!! The 2018 DDP now has included and appetizer and one specialty drink or 1 alcoholic beverage!

It includes an alcoholic or speciality drink, I haven’t seen anything about appetisers and this link (as well as ever other I looked at) specifies entree and dessert.

You do get an appetiser with the deluxe plan, that’s not new.

As @missoverexcited said, the standard Dining Plan does not include appetisers next year either. The Deluxe plan does, and always did.

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the made a mistake on the brochure and made the correction for 2016 on the plan removing the appetizer