Apparently not meant to be!

So apparently we are not destined to plan cool things for my parents! First time we did WDW with my Dad he got crazy sick and ended up in the ICU, next time we planned an amazing trip for my mom’s 70th with all the grandkids my Dad has a stroke just before and couldn’t travel. His health is precarious at best but he loves to do everything when he can! This time we planned some fun for their 50th wedding anniversary and we are 64 days out and he fell! He’s actually hoping for a hip replacement because the recovery time would be shorter and the hip he broke has been bothering him for a while. Right now it’s the waiting game and I wish we were 100-120 days out instead!!! It won’t be as disappointing if they have to cancel since they were just joining me and my daughter for 2 days but we have some awesome stuff planned!!! Tiffins Tier 1 FOTLK for one!!! He’s the best Dad/granddad around and he’s handling it like a champ but BOO HISS!!! Next time I will plan their stuff the day before!!! Makes me so glad we have done Disney with them twice! My kid has some great memories!!!


So sorry! Hope he heals quickly. Maybe there can be a delayed celebration later. Congratulations to them on 50 years!

OH NO @Sandyh, I’m sorry to hear this!! :tired_face:
I hope whatever the outcome he makes a complete recovery.

^^^Yes, this!!

Thanks! They make a great team and drive each other crazy! He is in good spirits.

Thanks! He’s like the energizer bunny…he just keeps going! We’re hoping this time is the same!!!

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I’m so sorry. But WDW will still be there when he’s healthy enough to go. That is what I remind myself when things like this happen.

Hope your dad is okay and can make the trip. Stay positive and pray for a little pixie dust. Fingers crossed for you.

Thanks so much everyone! All the stars aligned for him and he was not only able to have a much simpler procedure than originally thought but he also came through it beautifully! He’s so funny also! Mind you he went in by rescue to the busy trauma unit and when they asked him do you have a drink every day he says “I try to” and when they were asking if he stresses his body every day he says “well I’ve been married 50 years so yes” he always gets away with it too because he’s so endearing! The new hope is 6-8 weeks recovery so the trip is a possibility again! Especially if he gets cleared to fly. Thanks again for your words of encouragement.


I’m sorry! ETA I should have kept reading! Hope your trip can go ahead.

I hope he gets well soon.

Thanks! He is doing really well so far! Fingers crossed!