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Bear with me… family of 5 going to Universal last week in July so planning this trip SUPER last minute. I say that to say, more than likely i can find the answers to my questions searching this site but with all of my other responsibilities, definitely easier to just ask, so here it goes!

Is there a Lines app for Universal?

Is it possible to create a touring plan that takes into account both parks over 2 days?

Our tickets are park-2-park tickets. Also, interested to see where the touring plan will put Hagrid’s… based on touring plans’ statistical data on the ride, there seems to be a dip in wait times in mid afternoon daily if not caught 1st thing in the morning.

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I know you can make a Touring Plan for Universal. I don’t know if there is a separate app like Lines. Somehow I’ve lucked out and have a separate Touring Plans app that seem to no longer exist. I like using the dashboard version better anyways. I haven’t tried for Universal but in Disney, it works better for me to adjust plans on the fly.
For each park I think you have to have a separate plan. I use a break in the plan and make a separate one for the hop.

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Yes. I just searched Touring Plans in the iOS App Store and the app is there.

You will have to make separate plans for each park but you can customize the start and stop points. The parks are very close together. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the entrance of one to the other.

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For some odd reason when i looked in the app store a couple of days ago, i didn’t see it but i definitely see it now. Thanks!

Hmmm - i wonder if the reason there’s not a plan that spans both parks in 2 days is due to it not being an efficient way of touring? Should i assume it’s best to complete 1 park a day??? :thinking:

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I think it’s a Touring Plans thing. You can’t do more than one park in a single plan for Disney either. The UOR parks are so close together that going in between is not an issue. The entrances are about 1400 feet apart from each other. The Hogwarts Express takes you between the parks too.


If you need suggestions, check out the pre-filled 2-park one day touring plans. There is a part 1 (plan #1) and a part 2 (plan #2). You can copy those and then customize to your liking. (Within each part of the plans there is usually a link to the second part).

Also, if you start from the main UOR touring plans page, you’ll need to select USF and IOA to get directed to each part of the 2 park 1 day plan.

And yes, it’s no different than Disney. You can’t put 2 parks in the same plan.


Here’s an example of how I make Touring Plans that go park-to-park

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While the Lines app for WDW is called “Lines WDW”, for some reason the Lines app for UOR is called “UOR Lines”.


Thanks for sharing. This is good stuff!

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In the additional notes of the plans, there’s this statement:

"Check for Virtual Line reservations for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure starting at official park opening; if available, deviate from this plan when it’s your turn and return to it after riding. "

I’m assuming this is not current statement as i haven’t read about a virtual line anywhere else?

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Correct. Old info, that VL was discontinued 2 years ago.