App Optimize VS Preconfigured plans

I had a question re: Optimize VS Preconfigured plans. My family will be at Disneyland this coming Sunday. Our primary goal is to see Star Wars: Galaxies Edge. The preconfigured Plan says to get there 90 minutes early and go straight to the Falcon BUT when I optimize the plan it moves the Star Wars stuff to after 1 PM (or even later). Which is better to go with? The preconfig or optimized? I have had great success with the premade plans in the book for many years and not great success with the optimization feature of the app BUT I’ve also had the bad luck to be at the park on unexpected record crowd days (2 out of my 4 times to go) so…

I was thinking maybe start with GE and it’s attractions then after that optimize.

Any guidance or thoughts will be appreciated.

When SWGE first opened, the trend was that the MFSR line would be longer when the park first opened and then get shorter towards mid-day. I’m not sure if that trend has continued, but I’m guessing that’s why the app is recommending going later in the day rather than first thing.

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We just got back. We never saw times less than 45 minutes except the last hour or so. We did it once then, tried to rope drop it on an early entry day, but got off monorail in Tomorrowland, got in the line that already reached into fantasyland, and at 8, were led into GE the long way around the rivers of America. That whole experience was probably 90 minutes. I’d have tried again but my DS11 wasn’t up for more lines. We mostly did fastpass rides the rest of the time.

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Yikes, that means neither the app nor the plan is even close to accurate. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising since it’s so new.

It was my experience that no matter what I did to my touring plans, the wait for Smuggler’s Run was always at 20 min. We knew that we wanted to avoid rope drop bc in our stalking of the DL app leading up to our trip, the posted wait was the highest at that time of day. The only time we rode was during FWs and that put us at just a 30 min. wait which wasn’t bad at all. As soon as FWs were over though the wait went right back up to 45-65 which is where it hung steadily throughout the day.


Okay, we just got back. Here’s my anecdotal take from using the App at both Disneland Resort and WDW over the past few years. Basically, stick to the premium or book plans DO NOT optimize or make a custom plan. Every single time we tried to optimize the day went to pot. The wait times in the Lines app were never even close to accurate. The pre-made plans are like magic though so my two-cents is to pay 2.99 for 1 month of premium access and use the premium plans or get the book.

Note about the Falcon: We go there at 7 AM and went straight to the falcon at 8 AM. We got on it about 8:10 and were exploring SW:GE about 7 minutes later. Had a glass of Blue Milk before 8:30. So definitely do that first if you want to do it. The rest of the day the wait was never less than an hour.

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