APP crashing/issues this week

Is anyone else having issues. This week I can’t get past the main screen. It crashes and closes. Maybe later in the day it opens then freezes.
I just uninstalled and now after reinstalling and restarting my phone. Same thing.
Ever since the new update to the iPhone this has been happening.

The TP app, or MDE? If it is the TP app, e-mail - they should be able to sort you out quite quickly.

Yes, the MDE app has been doing this on and off since the last update on my iPhone. I hope they fix that issue before my May trip.

Sorry, MDE app

  • I called Internet Help desk at MDE- they said they are aware it is due to the new IOS update.

  • created a ticket and are working on it

  • I asked what can be done upon arrival at the park regarding FP if this is still occurring, advised to use web browsers, kiosk or call back, can see what to do.

  • Regarding BG for ROTR, no option other than the APP. Unfortunately they are aware the app is not compatible with the new IOS update on the iphone ( I have a X ) and are trying to sort this out.

  • Didnt have a solution on how to obtain a boarding group

  • Said try to open the disneyland app, then open MDE afterwards. Which I tried while on phone with the representative and it did not work. SHe said this was the only option they have been advised to try it to get it to load. Other than that just what I noted above.

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That’s interesting because I had not done the most recent iOS update. It happened after the last Disney app update.

I noted it the day the MMRR fast pass released and thought it was due to the rush for FP.

It continued and I actually updated my IOS thinking I needed to do it to help with the crashing.

Yet it still continued. So when I called, they said it was the IOS update. So when I called she said their app was not compatible with the new IOS update, I don’t know anymore which came first, their app malfunction or the update :woman_shrugging:

I would say their app malfunction came first, as my iOS is still not updated and the issues are still happening on and off. Many times my issues happen after their app updates and the the next one fixes it. I hope there is another one to fix it soon. I really don’t understand how a business as large as Disney has such issues with their IT. They should have enough money to hire some of the best.

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Agreed, hopefully they work out the kinks soon. I can’t imagine this is helping many with trying to get BG early in the morning