AP Vouchers

Come children, gather round and I will tell you a story of a magical land. Now this was a VERY long time ago… in a time we called “Pre-Covid”…

So, back in the day I bought an AP to activate later. They gave me the email, I put it on MDE, and about a week or so later, a “voucher” showed up in the mail (a little green plastic card).

A couple of months later, in March 2020, I purchased another AP. They sent me the email, I put it on MDE, and then… well, the whole world kinda went to hell in a handbag.

I never got a voucher in the mail. I called a couple months later, and the CM (who was probably really overworked) said that they “probably weren’t sending them out.” WHich makes sense.

Point is, I have never gotten the plastic voucher.

Does anybody know if those are still a thing? Am I going to have to get one for that AP? Or is the fact that it is matched on MDE enough to activate it, when the day comes?

Anybody want to hazard a guess?


I don’t know anything about green cards, being a relative newbie to AP’s. When I bought my first AP in August 2019 it was a ticket upgrade and I just received the yellow AP card. After cancelling, I bought a new AP in November and they just loaded it into my MDE. I didn’t receive anything in the mail. But I had no problem activating the new AP when I got to the parks.

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In 2018, we activated APs with just confirmation emails and our IDs. They gave us the yellow AP card at the ticket window.


I agree w/ SnowWhiteDoc. You should be able to pick up a new card at a ticket window

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I bought an AP in 2019 to be used in 2020. I never received anything physical until I officially activated it in person. But I had it linked to my MDE right away, which was nice because I could take advantage of AP discounts that way even before it was officially active.

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That’s what I figured… but I am always amazed at Disney ‘inconsistency.’ They say “you must have the voucher” and then they don’t care. They send vouchers to some folks, and not others…

But, the good news is that it sounds like I shouldn’t have a problem.

I should clarify that I DID receive an email with a barcode/confirmation number. But nothing physical.

I don’t think I ever received any kind of plastic voucher card. Just the emails with the barcodes. I’ve got 6 of these APs sitting in my account awaiting the day I can use them.


So i chatted with CM at Guest Services… I never received that email.

The cast member was able to look up the confirmation number after a while, but I still don’t have an email with that information on it. I just have the number as it was given by the CM.

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