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I just found out that I will be taking a second trip with my girlfriends during flower and garden. I bought my tickets for December through the official ticket center. Can I upgrade this ticket to an annual pass?

Yes, did you see this:

Thank you! So from what I understand, they count your tickets as gate price and apply that towards the AP cost regardless of how much you paid for them? Hope that question makes sense.

You need to know exactly what they should charge you. Also, use it at least once for entrance. You may need to go to a couple of different ticket windows to get your price.

Is there a way of finding out how much they will charge me before activating my ticket?

I don’t really understand the spreadsheet.

@JJT can you help?


Hi @nicolemariesmail!

You have that bridging info correct – the only hitch is that people have reported there is a LOT of inconsistency in how CMs actually handle the bridging. So I created my spreadsheet so people could at least walk into GS with an idea of what the upgrade costs should be. Sometimes it seems to take people multiple attempts at different GS to get it done as expected.

My sheet is designed to take the numbers you enter for Adults/Children and suggest the reseller tickets with the best discount. Since you have already purchased your tickets, you can enter your info in that first sheet then go to the “AP Bridge Info If You Already Bought Tickets” sheet, enter how much you paid for the tickets and the park days and ticket type.

Then that sheet will tell you how much to expect to pay when upgrading. You can screen shot or print it to have in hand - I added a smaller table at right that would be easier to use on a smartphone.

Here are some screen captures that I hope might make it more clear for you - this example is for 1 Adult who bought 4 day PH tickets and paid $422 for them. (All amounts include tax.):

The smartphone version of the cheat sheet:

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Thank you so much!