AP upgrade question (+ plan for buying MB & upgrading)

I am going to upgrade my UT ticket to an AP on our first day (after entering the park). Will I get an AP Magic Band or just a card? Thanks!

You have to order the free MB by mail. You can buy a MB though.

Thanks @pod4christ. We are staying at the Swan so I am still debating whether or not to buy MBs but wasn’t going to buy one upon arrival if I would be given one the next day when I do AP upgrade.

Let me describe my plan and please someone tell me if it isn’t a good one.

  • Arrive around 7:30/8pm on 10/30 at Swan. Will then go buy MBs either at Swan or walk to International Gateway. Have tickets, FPP and all MDE stuff linked.
  • 10/31 RD EMH at AK, do the headliners and then find Guest Services in park to upgrade to AP.
    Will I still be able to use the band I have bought once I have the AP? Assuming my AP will be linked to the band through MDE.

Sounds great. The ticket will upgrade to the AP on your MDE account. The MB only knows what’s in the MDE account. So yes, the MB will recognize the AP & still work.

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Thanks @pod4christ! I am excited for my first MNSSHP, first time with MB, first AP and first adults only trip! Appreciate the help figuring it all out.