AP Upgrade (Platinum to Plus) After Price Increase

I currently have a Platinum AP, which I purchased, and activated prior to the recent price increase. I’m thinking of upgrading to Platinum Plus next month if decide that it want to visit the water parks more than once before my pass expires (which I likely will). I did this once before and only paid the $100 difference for the upgrade, but there was no price increase around that time to complicate things.

Now, with the massive jump in prices, the difference between what I paid for my Platinum AP and the current price of a Platinum Plus is just ridiculous… Will I have to pay that price in order to upgrade (something like $350, which would not be worth it at all), or will I only need to pay the difference between the current price of the two passes (which is still $100, pre-tax)?

I’m guessing this was a silly question! :joy: But I’m still curious if anyone knows the answer to this.

It may be worth it for you to call the Disney Ticket number and ask the question. (I can’t find it right now, but I called because I got a Sam’s Club AP.) My guess is that they will charge you the new rate, but I do not know, and for me I would rather know before I wait in line for Guest Services.

Don’t forget that you can get those discounted water park tickets with your AP. May be less than upgrading!!!

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While you make a good argument for only paying $100 more, they will not let you do that. You are simply taking your AP Platinum (which they do not care if you bought it under the old price or new price) and upgrading it to Platinum Plus (which is now only sold under the new price). It would be the $350ish difference that you described.

Yes! That would definitely be cheaper for my August trip. But my AP is valid until March, so if I want to visit the water parks on another trip(s), then it would be cheaper to upgrade (at the $100 rate, that is).

Exactly. Which is why I guess I hoped that it would only be $100 to upgrade, since as far as the system is concerned, I currently hold a Platinum AP, so will only be asked to pay the current difference between the two passes. :thinking: Probably wishful thinking, haha!

I should probably call and ask.

I hope for your sake it is the $100 price. But since they could see the exact price I paid for my MVT tickets two weeks ago, I assume they can do that for your AP as well!

Let us know how it turns out.

Well this isn’t the answer I was hoping for. :cry:

I emailed the Annual Passholder help-desk since I’ve been getting busy signals all day. I guess my options are
A) get the Passholder summer splash pass for $69, but that won’t help me in the fall/spring
B) buy a Water Parks Annual Pass for $139, which is still way cheaper than upgrading (which is ridiculous!)

I had forgotten about the Water Park annual pass! At least that is an option you can consider, ridiculous or not!

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It’s crazy that I can buy a whole year of access to the water parks for $139 but they would try to charge me $350 to add the water parks to the last six months of my AP… :crazy_face: