AP switcheroo due to block-out dates?

My two daughters have the 3 park seasonal pass, I have the preferred (for the discount). Just noticed that 2/21 is a blockout date at USO due to Mardi Gras concerts.

While this wouldn’t be an issue for most humans, studios is their FAVORITE park (well, mine too, but for different reasons). They love Jimmy Fallon (favorite ride) and Simpsons and Minions and Transformers and even Fast & The Furious.

Is it possible for me to switch their AP to the two park preferred on the day we arrive, 2/20, and then switch back to the 3 park seasonal on 2/23 before we leave?

That will cost me like $30 + tax instead of having to buy two 1-day tickets.

And although they haven’t announced the concerts, I can tell you we won’t care about who is performing and want to go. It won’t be Kidz Bop or JoJo Siwa or Camila Cabello. That’s all they listen to. They just want their Jimmy Fallon simulator.

You can likely upgrade them to preferred, but you cannot downgrade after, they don’t let you do that. How much is the cost to upgrade to preferred?


Well, we’d be changing from 3 park seasonal to 2 park preferred….Is that considered an upgrade? But it’s only like $15/each to switch to that.

The kicker is we want to go to a 3rd park for our June trip for volcano bay. But we absolutely don’t need 3 park preferred for them for early June.

If you have already used the 3rd park, as in Volcano Bay, you will have to upgrade to the 3 park preferred. Have you been to VB with these APs already?

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No. We haven’t used them for Volcano Bay yet.

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I’m sure you can upgrade to the preferred, but wouldn’t it make more sense to upgrade to the 3 park since you want to use it at Volcano Bay in June? They are not likely to let you downgrade. Or you can keep the preferred 2 park and buy VB 1 day tickets out of pocket.

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I need to weigh whether it’s worth $120 for each kid to go to Studios for the one day, basically. That’s the cost to upgrade to a 3 park preferred from the seasonal (well, at least today it is. Could go up by our trip).

Or if we should just suck it up and only do Islands of adventure on the blackout day.

Decisions, decisions.

How many park days do you have? If you can go another day to the Studios, I would not pay to change things. If it is your only day, that’s a different story.

This is an impromptu trip so we only have two full park days. We fly in pm on the 20th & leave morning of the 23rd. The 22nd isn’t a blockout day, but studios is only open until 7 pm that day.

My husband is recommending I pay the $240 plus tax to upgrade their tickets because Studios is where they like to spend the bulk of their time. And I think I agree with him. It’s a lot of money for one day but it’s equal to a one day park ticket price and I cannot imagine our trip without the flexibility of going where we want when we want.


Sometimes the extra cost is worth it. Just upgrade and don’t look back. :rofl:


Is there a reason you wouldn’t consider upgrading to a power pass instead of the preferred? Then it would be $120 plus tax to upgrade for both.

Here are the blockout dates for power passes at the dry parks

January 1 – 2, 2023
April 1 - April 15, 2023
December 23 – 31, 2023

January 1 – 2, 2024
March 18 – March 30, 2024

And for VB

3-Park Power Annual Pass:
June 10 – August 13, 2023, Blockouts apply before 4 p.m.

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You’re correct— $60 each or $120 total for the power pass, which doesn’t have the concert block out dates. That’ll absolutely work!



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I did all that research for naught—there are no concerts on 2/21 and they’ve updated the blockout calendar. My daughters’ existing passes will work just fine at Studios that day.