AP Room Discount Question(s)

Hello!! So I’m officially 23 days away!! I decided to get an AP after I had already purchased tickets and booked a room so I’m planning on upgrading my ticket when I arrive. I just found out I could book an AP room discount over the phone and show it at check it. Would I be able to show it the same day as I check in after I’m able to go to guest relations and upgrade my ticket? Is it even worth the hassle to try and call and rebook for the higher discount at this point? This has kinda got me a little stressed out. Thanks!!

First off - welcome!

Is there a reason you are waiting to upgrade to an AP once you get to Disney? As far as I know without an annual pass showing in MDE you will not be able to get the AP discount on a room.

If you do decide to upgrade now (there is a ticket number to call) once you get the AP on your MDE account you can see AP discounts on rooms. Your AP does not need to be activated (which you do at Disney when you arrive) in order to see the discounts.

And remember, your year does not start for the AP until you actually use it at the parks. (The first day of either the AP or the ticket you upgraded from is the start date.)

Does that help? The AP discounts vary by when you are doing and which hotel. They are something like - save up to 25%!

Hope this helps.

I have upgraded our tickets as well to AP’s. Got my rooms via MVT so I am unsure about any farther discount on the room portion. Meals are out of the pocket (no DP), so might be able to get a discount there. Now checking into getting a discount for MNSSHP I found it was all of $5 a piece. Wow! Planning more trips in the near future to make our AP’s worth the cost…(3). Going to be touch and go to break even now that MVT isn’t getting nearly the discount they had been putting out.

i can’t upgrade before i go because i bought my tickets from a third party vendor. i know i can book the AP discount without having it at the time of booking if i have it at check in.