AP Resort offers

I don’t see any 2016 AP resort offers yet. Am I missing something? There are offers for play stay and dine and early 2016 discounts for general public. Wouldn’t AP holders get offers first?

AP holders almost always get room only discounts for a given time period LAST. Discount percentages (except for bounce back offers) are generally the best, but by being an AP holder Disney already ‘loses’ money on us because our ‘price per day of admission’ is much lower than someone that is using a regular park ticket. DW and I have no expectations of getting the ‘cream of the crop’ rooms as well, since an AP is ‘admission media’- and the perks are extras that Disney has included- they do not have to do that, and are under no obligation to do so- and they change all the time. We are glad to get what we get since we buy an AP as a type of admission ticket- the perks are just ‘freebies’ we are glad they tack on, and we are happy to use them when they work into our plans.

You can look at Mousesavers.com for historic discounts and release dates. Based on historic patterns, I think we’ll see an AP holder discount for winter-spring 2016 within the next week to 10 days.

Thank you so much for your help. Being from Toronto, we only get one trip in a year and the AP perks become more of the reason for buying them in the first place but everyone has their own ways of touring the happiest place on earth:) This trip is for our wedding at Disney so was hoping to get organized early and save a little on the room at the same time. Thanks again, will check out mousesavers

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Here’s a link to the page, if you were looking for it: http://www.mousesavers.com/historical-information-on-walt-disney-world-resort-discounts/#codetrends