AP Renewal and activation date

So I think i know the answer, but i’m hoping one of you tell me I am wrong.

My AP currently expires 8/29/2018. If i renew it, what day does it activate?

I would assume it activates 8/30/2018, but I am hoping it doesn’t actually activate until I go on my trip in November.


If you are taking the renewal discount it activates right away on the expiration of your current AP. Sometimes it’s a better choice to not renew but buy a new one depending on your planned travel for the next 12-18 months.



Mine will expire 9/1. I am NOT renewing because it makes more sense to wait so that my new one can capture all the trips we will take that next year, not including this one coming up. If I renew for 9/1, I’ll miss the last trip in the string.

Question: if it expires 9/1, does it expire at the start of the day or the end of the day. i.e can I get in park that day or no? Trying to plan accordingly.

I was wondering that myself too.

I seem to recall hearing @len mention on WDW today some time back that it’s timed to the minute from your initial entry - so if you entered the park late in the day your first time, it’s still active at 9 AM on expiration day.

Hopefully he can fill in my memory.

Interesting. I activated it at noon on 9/1, but never entered a park until 9/2

I’m 99% sure it’s timed to the minute. I was able to enter Epcot one day at 10 a.m. with my expiring pass. When i left and tried to come back in at lunch, it had expired.

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To first use or to activation?

I activated 9/1 around noon. I used it first on 9/2 in the a.m.

It seemed like it was first use. I could be wrong.

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