AP rates?

I’m looking at booking a room for 2 nights at HRH next August, and it looks horrendously expensive. Someone has suggested I buy an AP (which is around £100 more than a UK ticket) in order to make a much bigger saving on the room. But I don’t see anywhere on the US site to indicate you want to look at passholder rates.

Can anyone tell me how to find it please?

You used to have to put in a code but these days I go here:


I have looked at this too. I don’t think that the aph discounts come out until a month or two before the stay dates.


I don’t know how soon you have to buy your tickets, but you can always check when the passholder rates are released and book your room as a passholder even if you don’t physically have the pass yet. You can then determine if it’s worth the money to get the pass and order the pass after you have booked the room. You won’t need the physical pass until you actually check in.


Thanks! Wow $214 rather than $474 would be a no brainer.

I’m not massively comfortable booking that close when I’ll already have all my WDW ADRs and possibly FPs too. I know some people like rearranging right up to the wire but I’m not one of them!

It would be cheaper to buy a normal ticket now for next year as lots of places are selling at 2018 prices, but it will only be a few quid difference.

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Did you find any 2019 rates? I can only see 2018 rates.

No just 2018.

So I think that I will hold the direct HRH reservation I have until the 2019 rates are released and then make a decision as to whether to become an AP holder. Are you an AP holder at WDW?


Definitely not. My last trip was 2016 and after 2019 it will probably be at least 5 years before we go again.

I will keep checking the APH Universal site and if I see anything released for August 2019 I will let you know.

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Ok 2 more questions.

The AP rates now go from 12th Aug 2018. Does anyone know if there was a previous offer covering the beginning of August? Or do the rates only cover less busy times?

If I just got an AP for myself, could I book 2 rooms? I’ll be travelling with DS14 and my parents. For full price, we’d share a room for 2 nights but if we can get an AP discount, ideally we’d have separate rooms.

Thank you!

There was. I don’t recall the price but I’ve been watching pretty closely the last few months waiting for my dates to open.


@brerbeer I think I love you! That is the best news!

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Have you tried cashback sites? I do Top Cashback, there’s 10% off hotels.com for new customers and 9% for existing customers. I may go that route rather than booking direct, since we don’t know what’s going to happen with the exchange rate. And I’ll still be able to cancel it and book an AP rate if it’s better.