AP rates for hotels - weekend before thanksgiving

Hello! I am trying to ‘last minute’ plan (for me) a 3 night trip to Universal the Sunday-Wed before thanksgiving. Since we will likely be in the parks 4 days (the first and last won’t be full days) I’ve decided it makes sense to get at least one AP (seasonal or power). It may make sense for my kiddos as well quite honestly given there seems to be just a $30 difference to future proof against the possibility of being back in Orlando within 12 months.

I saw that AP rates on hotels come and go quickly and are usually released 3-4 months out. I’d like to stay at one of the 3 top tier hotels for EP. does anyone know if Nov discounts have already come and gone? I saw that travel agents are often on top of this. Should I connect with one, snd if so, do you have a recommendation?

As an aside, I have been waiting patiently for some sort of fast pass/skip the line option at WDW to return so I can re-plan a once meticulously planned 8 night trip…but I am tired of waiting so am going to give my Harry Potter loving 12 and 6 year olds Universal first! Yay Express Pass and single rider at Universal! My 12 year old has been once when he was 6. It’s a little tricky as some of the rides my 6 year old can’t do or would be too scared to do and it will be just me and thd kiddos unless I can lure my Mom into joining!

Airfare is outrageous so that could be a deal breaker but I’m hoping to use points, which I need to work on today!

Looks like the pass holder rates are out through November 1st, those were released on 5/26.

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Thanks so much. Very helpful. Out of curiosity how might I see that? Should I obsessively check every morning so I done miss their Nov release?

The first post here

has good information, and they usually update quickly when dates are released.

Personally, I have a URL with my dates and the APH code added bookmarked. I check that starting 3-5 months. Further out I’ll check a few times a week, closer to that 3 month mark every day. The price difference between APH and Stay More Save More rates is pretty high, so I know just by looking that the rates have been updated.
Before Covid, rates for my December dates came out in September. Last year they came out much earlier, but I don’t know how things will be different this year.

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