AP questions from a newbie

After our last trip in December, we bit the bullet and bought APs!! I already have four trips planned for this year (I knew that was going to happen) with the first one being in May. We are going to activate the APs when we are there for the May trip so how does that impact making FP+, buying special event tickets with the AP discount…etc.
Will we be able to do that with unactivated APs? Is there anything I need to do in MDE with the exchange certificate I received?


Is your exchange certificate already linked to your MDE profile? You should be able to see it if you look under your tickets. If it is linked you can buy tickets, see passholder room rates under the passholder section and make FPs for the next 30 days (opens to 60 when you are in the window for an on-site stay). You will also get the AP discount in the Shop app.

Nothing is showing in MDE. When I upgraded (over the phone) they said it would show up but that was several weeks ago.

Have you tried to scan the bar code into the app?

Brilliant! I didn’t even know to try that. It worked. Thank you so much @PrincipalTinker

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