AP question for a friend

We have friends that had annual passes that expired during COVID. They chose to cancel theirs at the last day available which was already extended for them. But in their MDE theirs show active. So they are kind of perplexed and would love to think they could roll in and their APs work. But they know if they call into Disney, everything will shut down. I don’t feel like they are trying to cheat the system as they didn’t get to use their passes for several family vacations so they had no choice but to cancel eventually. But just wondered if anyone else had run into this and physically went to a park and their APs still worked even with the cancellation. I’m not an AP but apparently there has been quite a conflict of information about refunds, extensions and like many things in life, it’s all about who you talk to.

I should also mention that they are currently able to reserve three park days on MDE.

…well… they gave everyone the opportunity to reinstate their APs… the opportunity for ppl just like your friends. I’d hate to arrive just to be turned away. I’d call. Did they get a partial refund?

I’m not sure they have gotten their refund yet. But they are supposed to. Probably just a glitch in MDE.

I would think they would have gotten their refund by now if they were going to. Did they get the email confirming that they had chosen to cancel? If you are saying they want now to not cancel, and it sounds like maybe theirs weren’t cancelled, what would be the harm in trying to use it? If it works, fine. If not, call in and ask to reinstate, or buy tickets on the app. As long as they have park pass reservations, getting an actual ticket shouldn’t be difficult at the last moment if needed.

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