Ap purchase with gift cards

Hello! Does anyone know of any issues with this plan?

  1. Buy three $500 Disney gift cards online today with my target red card for a 5% discount. (Site says they should arrive via email within several hours.)
  2. Use those gift cards to pay for an AP on Disney’s site tomorrow.
    Is there any point where this could create extra glitches that wouldn’t be worth the $75 savings?


I’ve not been able to use multiple gift cards to buy tickets online. Could use one gift card and then the remaining balance had to be on credit card. No other options given. Combine the 2 $500s into one $1000 on disneygiftcard.com and then see what happens when you try to buy. At the very least, you have the 5% discount on the first $1000.

Thank you! This is exactly the kind of insight I needed. I will plan for $1000 in combined discounted gift cards and then the remainder on a rewards credit card.