AP preview registration “open”

I posted on the other thread, but can’t edit the title obviously.

Some people have been able to book. Lots of others getting various error messages at different stages. And it seems tech support are saying it wasn’t meant to be live yet. :roll_eyes:

But it is go time!




It’s live. Everyone is now able to get it. I got in for August 18th! Registration was super easy

I’m getting nothing, did you get an email with link or do you use the link from above?

Cause that one is not working for me.

Try this one https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/authentication/login/?returnUrl=%2Fpassholder-program%2Fverify%2F

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This is another way in that has worked for people, it’ll take you to sign in and then asks for your AP number.


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Just after posting my complaint here I went back and had the window opened , I got it in and got registered.

I got the day and time I really wanted. Saturday August 17th from 1-5 PM.



Got mine for 8/20! :tada:

I tried the first link on my phone and was waiting for about 30 minutes, then decided to keep that open and try trying the second (AP holder) link on my tablet. That one worked right away, and the other one actually opened up for me while I was choosing my date! :joy:

Also funny: As soon as I finished registering and got to the “you will receive an email confirmation” page, I got an email alert… It was from the Passholder Program, inviting me to register for the preview. :roll_eyes: I had to go to my spam folder to find the actual confirmation.



Hmm. Your link goes through Facebook. @Nickysyme’s does not. FYI.

(I will not be registering…but was curious to see that, as someone who has an unactivated AP, if it would let me attempt to register. At the moment, I’m just sitting on an “The Wait is Almost Over” page telling me not to click away. I’m in line apparently.)

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Now I have to figure out how to get down there and back in a weekend without taking DD14 out of school.

She starts back August 1st.

Just passing on the link that has worked for many.

The link as displayed is the same as @Nickysyme’s. But the ACTUAL link (which you can see if you hover your mouse over it) contains a link through facebook. The Facebook part of the link isn’t needed. (I don’t have Facebook.) You can just link using the address as it is displayed.

Again, I am just sharing what was on the other forums. I got in using the link I posted.

Yes. But I’m just saying your link is once removed via Facebook unnecessarily.

Here is the link that works:


Here is the link as you posted it:


It means Facebook is tracking this if you click it.

After clicking the link, it took about 20 minutes of being “in line” before it finally took me to the page where I could register. So for those trying, be patient!

You can register with an unactivated AP. I’ve seen reports over on WDWMagic confirming it.

Good luck!

I didn’t actually register. I wouldn’t be anywhere near Florida during the preview time. I was just testing the ability to do so, and how long it took. I can confirm it would have let me with my unactivated AP had I wanted to.

I signed up for a time earlier today when I got the email, but I’ve not gotten a confirmation email yet. I did take a screenshot of the confirmation screen with the order # on it, so I guess there’s that? It’s my first passholder preview event and I’m afraid I did something wrong.

Apparently there is a backlog of sending out emails. Various people have called in and been told that it should eventually arrive and/or show up under Your Plans in MDE.

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My email went into my spam folder, even though other WDW and Passholder emails usually go to my inbox. Maybe check there, just in case!

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