AP - how does it work

So I am just starting to plan a trip for 12/27/16 - 1/1/17 at Pop and we will be back next October as well so an AP is probably going to make sense. If I buy an AP how do I link it to MDE so I can make reservations at 60 days out?

You can buy the voucher now. They send you a green card which you can scan/enter the number into MDE (but most likely it will link automatically when you buy). It does not become activated until you go to Guest Services and then enter the park. At that time they will also give you an AP discount card. You can purchase a Tables in Wonderland card then too if you want.

Once you buy the AP you can log onto the Passholder section in MDE and see the resort discounts. The Shop Disney App gives you an AP discount and you can make FPs for the next 30 days (increases to 60 if you are staying onsite at day 60).

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Fantastic! So just to make sure I understand this right…

If I buy the pass and link it to MDE (from the green card in the mail) I can make my FPP+ ressies at 60 since I am staying at Pop even though the AP isn’t activated until I arrive on site and hit guest relations. I want to make sure I get this right so I don’t have problems making my FPP+ ressies since they go so fast!

Yes, with the linked AP you can make the FPs at day 60 for your trip. You can practice before your trip in the 30 day window- just cancel them right away!

@PrincipalTinker said it it all…just know that if you are only activating an AP and are not buying a Tables card then you can go to any ticket window which is usually faster than the line at guest services based on my experiences.

Awesome. Thank you for the help!