AP for Hotel Room Discounts

I was inspired by this post to give serious thought to picking up an annual pass to Universal, primarily for the discounts on the hotel rooms. Of course, I wouldn’t want to actually have an active annual pass prior to arriving at Universal, just in the interest of maximizing its use if we decided to come back again within a year.

How does that work, exactly?

  • Can I book at AP rates without an AP as long as I acquire an AP right before checking in?
  • Do they give you a voucher that like they do at WDW if you want to buy an AP prior to you actually needing it, and then can that be used to book rooms with the AP discount?
  • Something else?

Thanks for any insight!

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Just go to http://www.loewshotels.com/en/booking/uo?hotel=UEPBH,UEHRH,UERPR
On the left tab, under Promotion/Group Code, select Promotion. For the code, enter APH.

When you check in they will probably check your annual pass. Getting one right before check in won’t be a problem.


Are the room discounts significant for annual pass holders?

They are pretty significant, if you stay more than a few nights it might even pay for itself. You can check out that link, and play around with using the promo code to see how much you can save.

Thanks for the info. As of right now, it doesn’t appear to generate any discount, but we’re not going until January, so I’m assuming there just isn’t an AP room promotion running for that time period yet? Anyway, I’ll keep checking. Any idea when January discounts have historically been released?

You can purchase the AP at anytime it does not become active and the year start until you use it to enter a park the first time. Anyone can book a room using AP discount but for it to be in effect during your stay you have to show an AP to desk during your stay not necessarily at check in. If you buy AP on line at Uni site you can pay monthly after down payment

OK, so the correct play would be as follows:

  • I buy an AP now in case prices go up
  • When AP discounts become available for the time I’m going, I book the room
  • When we arrive, I trigger my AP and then use my AP to buy discounted tickets for the others in my party.

Does that sound right?


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