AP extension?

Has anyone had success getting a courtesy extension on their APs by 1-2 months? We had to cancel our May trip because our youngest was born prematurely. We would still like to go once her pediatrician clears her (mid-August). By this point our APs will have expired (July 4th). Curious if it’s worth calling Disney to explain and see if they will stretch our AP expiration date.

Our plan disrupter, Charlotte
4lbs 11oz, born at 34 weeks, 8 days in NICU


It’s always worth calling to ask. If you don’t, they expire. If you call, they may expire. But they may also grant an extension.

Best of luck. I hope she is doing well!


Thank you. Aside from being small she is doing great. About as healthy as you can expect a 34 weeker to be!


And you’re almost through the scariest season for preemies!

Yes! We’ve had a resurgence of influenza and it terrifies me. Except for doctor appointments we don’t leave the house. Very much looking forward to summer as I am going stir crazy! Although with the measles outbreaks I feel like she won’t be safe until she gets her MMR which is quite a ways off still.

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What a beautiful little girl and a beautiful name.

Congrats, she’s gorgeous!

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Congrats! She is beautiful.

Congratulations – she is beautiful

She is so precious! Congratulations!