AP extension/refund

I’ve gotten a few emails from Disney now on this as an Annual Passholder who has paid in full and had about six months left on my pass when the park closures began. I understand that the options are either an extension or a partial refund. However, I’ve called a few times now and haven’t been able to get anyone on the phone (I’m sure they are overwhelmed). Has anyone called to ask about the refund and how that will work?

For reference, here is the email I received on Friday:

Dear Valued Annual Passholder, This is a truly unprecedented time for all of us, and we want to thank you for your patience as we work through the many details related to the temporary closure of the theme parks. We recognize this may be a challenging time, so we wanted to share how we will assist our Annual Passholders. Active Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passes that have been paid in full will be extended for the number of days the parks are closed. The new expiration date will be reflected on the Annual Passholder’s account prior to the reopening of the theme parks. As an alternative, and in lieu of an extension of their passes, Passholders who have paid in full may choose to receive a partial refund for the theme park closure period. To request this alternative option, we ask that you contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. We do anticipate heavy call volume and appreciate your patience as we answer all inquiries. Our Annual Passholders are some of our most loyal guests, and we stand ready to help during this incredibly uncertain time. If you have any questions, please contact V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at (407) 939-7277. Walt Disney World Resort

Haven’t called. Am happy to have the pass extended by number of days of closure.

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I’m the opposite. Won’t be going back until a vaccine is available.

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I called for DLR, however I was trying for them not to give me a refund (I was going to end up losing money). I was on hold for 42 minutes. I am working from home, so I just called with my phone on speaker and went about my business. It was a fairly painless process. Good luck to you.

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For the refund…how do they know how much to refund you? Would it be for the remainder of your pass starting at park closure (so if my pass expires in Nov would I be refunded for March-Nov?) or just the number of days closed (which they don’t know yet)?

We’d like to take the refund of our unused time on the AP and donate the amount to a fund to support the CMs who were just furloughed. Does anyone know if there’s a fund for CMs?


I was able to submit my request via online chat just now. I believe what will happen is that my pass will expire the same day it was originally scheduled and I will be refunded for the days closed. So that won’t be determined until they reopen.

I tried to call the dedicated number to process a refund and got the regular line and a person who said they needed to send me to Passholder department. Which is what I originally called.

I was on hold 20 minutes waiting to talk to a Passholder CM to talk about getting a refund and hung up. I’ll try again another time.

So…do I need to request a refund before they re-open? I’d ultimately like to see if I’d be able to fit in another trip or not during the “extension” time. Should probably just take the refund though.

I called and requested a refund. My AP expires June 2 and we know we won’t be returning anytime soon. I did call after I received the email saying they would be offering the refund but before the email saying to call so I didn’t have too bad of a wait time. I needed to give the CM the number on my AP and the expiration date along with my payment information. I don’t remember exactly how long they said it would take to process my refund.

On another note, I also requested a refund for the 7 day PH ticket I had purchased for my husband. The CM said “sure, just let me get to that form”. I had to provide the ticket number but there didn’t seem to be any problem with a full refund instead of the extension of the expiration date. :blush:


I found one. It’s called Cast Member Pantry https://www.facebook.com/castmemberpantry/

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Resurrecting this thread because I still need to decide whether to ask for a refund or take the extension…In all likelihood I will not be back before my AP expires even with the extension. So I am definitely leaning towards asking for the refund. I am wondering if they will offer anything due to “reduced” experiences…partial refunds?

I called earlier this week for the partial refund on my AP. Overall, a smooth process. I didn’t have to wait long for a CM once I got through the automated system. I did get transferred 2x to complete the process. CM 1 sent me to AP services who completed the form and then sent me to tickets to finalize the payment details (which card, how much). The transfers all went smoothly; maybe 30 sec on hold. The refund will take about 7-10 days to process; most likely closer to 10 per the CM.

I’m not sure about reduced experiences and potential partial refunds. I didn’t ask about that since I am unlikely to be back in the theme parks for at least a year. I do wonder though.

Was the partial refund based on number of days remaining? i.e. $1200 ticket, 3.5 months remaining = $350 refund? (Used $1200 for easy math; I recall it cost around that…)

I was all keen to go when it opened, now on the fence. Not making decision until they announce the plans/timing/will they allow international guests. My AP does not expire until July 1; I purchased thru Disney.

I was able to get through a couple of days ago and requested a refund as well. I’m hoping on that basic math, as well.

Yes, number of days left from the parks closure March 16th minus any blockouts during the remainder of the pass.

Based on my records, my pass cost $1191.74 total. My AP expires Sept 1 or 2 so I had about 5.5 months left on it. Based on my calculations I should be refunded about $545, but the third CM told me $660. I may have wrote it down incorrectly or maybe she gave me the amount that my AP is worth instead of the refund amount.

It’s still under 7 business days so I won’t see the exact amount for several more days.

I was under the impression that the refund would just be for the time that the park was closed.

Yes, I believe that is the case. Also believe no refunds will happen until the parks are opened or a reopening date is established. That’s what I was told when I requested one.

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That’s what I thought too, but I received different information on the call.

I wanted to verify what credit car would be used for the refund which required a transfer to a tickets CM from the AP CM. The AP CM has already finished the refund request form and I could have hung up then. The tickets CM gave me the refund amount and and said it would take 7-10 business days.

I am debating between getting a refund on my AP’s or going on our planned trip at the end of the month.

Several folks posted earlier about getting refunds, curious how did it end up going?

Also is there a deadline for asking for the AP refund, perhaps the July 11th reopening date?

We have paid in full Platinum Passes.