AP Extension - Out of State - Platinum

Trying to figure out how many total months of extension should we expect?

Our original passes were scheduled to expire on 02/21. They were then extended to 06/21. They are now showing 07/21. Since we opted to keep the passes, will there be another month added in October?

4-months: park closure
1-month: limited availability
1-month: opting to keep the passes?

Trying to figure out if the total extension will be 6-months or 5-months (and hoping it will be 6)

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I do believe you are correct. Another month should be added. I’ll be watching mine. I forgot about that gift for staying on.

I thought they just added the extra one month early…

Not that it matters. My extended expiry is Nov 25. The trip this week has went well, so we plan on going for 4 nights before Thanksgiving week.

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This came on July 14th
Updates on options to manage your pass
We recognize that Park reservations will change the way that many of our Passholders use their pass. With that in mind, in June, we shared that Annual Passholders will receive a one-month (30 days) extension to their pass. This additional month will automatically be processed and visible in their My Disney Experience account over the coming weeks.

If you prefer, you can cancel your pass and receive any applicable refund in lieu of the additional month. Please note this option can be selected now through August 11, 2020 by clicking on your personalized link . You can also call V.I.PASSHOLDER Support at 407-939-7277 for assistance on any individual concerns. We anticipate heavy call volume and appreciate your patience as we answer all inquiries.

A total of 5 months was added onto mine. It was going to expire in July, it now expires in December. I haven’t heard they were going to add on another months.

Your pass should be extended a total of 147 days.

117 days for the number of days the park was closed plus the additional 30 day extension.

This should have been processed into MDE account by now.