AP expires before trip, need to book park ressies

I just realized my AP will expire in early july, and we are headed to WDW in august. Has anyone had luck having a cast member “renew” your pass earlier than 30 days so you can book park passes? Its just me… DH and DDs passes expire different months. Otherwise, what can I do?

Buy another ticket and hope to apply the cost to AP renewal? :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Book a package (value hotel or campsite) that includes tickets, reserve your parks, then when you buy your AP, cancel the package and the reservations will remain for as many days as you are eligible (on site stays or 3 days for AP).

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Are you a Backsider?


Can you explain what you mean by that? I get weird results on Google. :thinking:

Something with the back side of water maybe?

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I can’t explain. You either are or you’re not. Your suggestion was not only brilliant but also in that character


This is what I’m hoping to do. I’m going to have to call someone and talk to them. I’d really rather not book a whole package if I don’t have to.

You can renew up 60 days prior to expiration, not sure if that helps

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If you have an on-site stay booked you will be allowed to renew early, even 7 months early if necessary. that’s the longest example I know of - someone who is booked for the 50th.


wow really? this is great news!!

Yes, really.

Just like they would allow you to do it before the 60 days if you had an onsite stay booked - so you could book FPs.

I think they realised that with park reservations open for booking into 2022 that they need to allow early AP renewals so people can book their parks.

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Just an update, Speaking to a cast member via chat, they’re only allowing renewal up to 60 days at the moment (I’m sure I could escalate it if I called and spoke to someone). But they will put the cost of a separate ticket purchased towards my AP renewal if I want to buy and book now.


I think it must depend who you speak to. Someone else reported yesterday that AP helpline said no.

But both Ticketing Services and DVC Member Services have been reported as allowing early renewals in the last week.

However putting the cost of tickets towards a renewal serves the same purpose. I guess the advantage of renewing early is if there’s a price increase.