AP, Dining Plan, and Undercover Tourist HELP

I currently have a Preferred Room booked at ASM for 4 nights, base tickets for 6 days, and DDP for 3 adults and 1 child. I was considering upgrading my ticket to an AP during my trip in December 2019, so that I could justify coming down for some RunDisney events in 2020.

Question: If I purchased an AP now and re-booked the room, could I purchase tickets at Undercover Tourist for the rest of my party and still add the DDP for all of us because I would be a passholder? Has anyone done this? Or is that not how it works? Would the AP start when I purchase it or when I go into the park on the first day of our trip? Thank you!

Anyone can add the dining plan. Passholders can do it online. All other guests just need to call and say: I want to book a ticketless package.

If the person that answers the call in the call center does not understand that type of package- hang up and call again.

Thank you. I called and was told that “oh no a package has tickets included” and the CM I talked to got me all confused. I will call back until I get someone that knows what they’re talking about.

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