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I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this, but I thought I’d check with all you fine people to make sure.

We have a trip coming up in July where we’re planning to bridge our 7-day park hoppers (that we booked with a package through Disney) to APs. You have to wait for the first day of those tickets to do that, right? So if we planned a last minute trip at the beginning of June, there’s no way to use our July tickets to go ahead and do the upgrade, right? Do I have to wait for the first active day of the 7-day tickets before I can upgrade?


My understanding is that if you buy discounted tickets you can get a price break by waiting until you used the tickets to upgrade. Basically, in your case since you bought thru DIS I don’t think there’s any advantage to waiting to upgrade and thus there would be no reason you couldn’t just upgrade for your last minute June trip using your July tickets.

Why not just buy the AP outright and book rooms with the discounted room only rate? There are many situations where you could easily wind up ahead this way.

Your title is bridging but you are not really bridging your ticket if you bought directly through Disney, it will simply be an at cost upgrade. Bridging generally refers to buying tickets discounted from a 3rd party then upgrading those tickets to an annual pass in order to hold onto that discount.

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Yes, this is what we did. I bought the rest of the family discounted tickets through UT, and I bought the AP for myself. The difference between the general public room discount and the AP room discount more than paid for the AP. Of course we’ll save on TS meals and merch as well- but I didn’t even include those in my break-even calculation.

A guest can call in and ask them to figure out the AP room discount to see if it’s worth it. They can apply the discount before one actually purchases the AP, it just has to be bought & activated by arrival at the resort.

When buying a AP, do you buy it for a calendar year or do you buy it for a year in length on any day you purchase it? Thanks

If you buy the AP online or over the phone it is activated when you go to guest services before you go into the parks. It is good for one year from the date you activate. You can buy online today and activate in 5 years.

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Thank you for your help.

I have a trip coming up Oct 1 of this year and have bought 8 days of tickets plus parkhopper through MVT. If I got a AP this trip how would I go about purchasing the AP and upgrading the tickets I already have. We are also planning a trip in April of next year through MVT and with an AP we could use it then and in Oct for discounts on meals, and other items. Does and AP include Parkhopper and or Waterparks. Never did this before. I also hear that you get memory maker to boot. Is this correct. If so it looks like it would be worth the money. I also think I might be able to cancel the ticket part of the MVT reservation as we have not paid for them yet but I will have to ask Darcy on this. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Brandi has always told me, if you are getting an AP cancel your MVT tickets.

Thank you.

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You don’t save any money since they charge you the difference and sometimes the CMs get confused and try to charge more.

Looking at prices here I find tickets for 10 days would cost us about 1059 + 213 or 1272 for the first year with 10 days of tickets with park hopper. Annual pass will cost us 1904.02 including tax. We get free memory maker plus 20% discounts on select restaurants and merchandise. We won’t need the best AP because we seldom if ever go to the water parks or play golf etc. Looks like a good deal so far only if you visit for a second time or more in the duration of the AP. Going to talk to Darcy at MVT and see if I can still cancel the ticket part of our first planed trip. Thanks for your replies. I appreciate it as I am quite new to this AP thing but we usually only go to WDW once a calendar year. We are now planning two in a single AP period. Thanks for your help.

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We have MVT tickets and will probably try to convert when we get there. My understanding was that we can convert to a regular AP as long as we don’t use our ticket to get into the water parks. I hope this is still correct information.

You will lose all savings with a MVT when you upgrade. You will have to pay the full price between what you paid and the AP and not all CMs know how to do it. Brandi is a liner. Her advice is not to try to upgrade those tickets. She has said to either buy the AP right away or buy discounted tickets from another seller (see- isn’t she great?). You could lose time trying to upgrade MVT tickets and you will not save any money.

when cancelling MVT tickets more than 60 days in advance of our stay in order to get AP instead, how does selecting our fastpass + work. Do we still get to make our fastpass + reservations 60 days in advance of our stay? We are staying on property.

Yes, the “AP certificate” is linked to your profile.

What is MVT?

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Thank you again.

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