AP 30% Discount ShopDisney Exp Aug 14

AP 30% Discount on ShopDisney.
Until August 14. AP30OFF

Just placed an order and had it shipped to my friend in the US that I am meeting up with for Disney trip in September. Didn’t go too crazy. Need to keep it packable :joy:


That 30% discount is so dangerous. We just returned from Disney and needed an extra checked bag for our return flight. :joy:

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I wont say how much I just spent. Let’s just say good thing I got 40% off the hotel stay…


You can also stack discounts. I just bought a bunch of things and used the following discount codes:
AP30OFF (30% off)
DRVCMEMBER (Disney visa card holder 10% off)
SHIPMAGIC (free shipping)

There is also a D23 code that I saw on twitter somewhere (I can’t recall the code) for 10% off as well.


I stacked AP and free ship. forgot about the d23, …darn…

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I did too :frowning:

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bye bye dollars…


It’s ok, the D23 one doesn’t seem to be stackable onto the other ones. I was only able to get the AP and Disney Visa discounts to stack.

OMG… this is dangerous, I can take 30% off Dooney n’ Bourke :flushed:


40% if you also have a disney visa…not that would know anything about that :wink:

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bwahahahaha… I don’t but if I did… bam

oh oh… one of my daughters has that card, I know she’ll enable my purse problem :wink:

I can’t get the AP discount to combine with the Disney Visa. I’m logged in and the disney visa is my saved/default method of payment, did anyone else have an issue?

I sent an email cuz I added the deal on the bag… if you spent so much you got the $24 bag for $16 and when I put my AP in they charged me over $17 for the bad instead of taking the 30% off the $16 :frowning: Still no response to my email though.

I think there is a code you have to put in. Just paying w/the CC doesn’t trigger it. I think you find the code somewhere when you’re logged on to the Chase web site - follow links about cardholder benefits.

Thanks, I have the code entered (DRVCMEMBER) and it is applied, but greyed out and no deductions are taken.

Is there some fine print causing the problem? I put something in the cart and applied that code and it worked. Then I applied the free shipping code and it was greyed out and not working because I wasn’t at the $75 minimum.

Thanks for making me look at the site. I found a shirt like one I had when I was little and am thinking of buying it.

Not that I can find. It says it can be combined and I think some others were able to get the annual passholder and Visa codes to stack

Anyone have any idea of how long it takes fro Disney to ship things usually? I just looked at my order list, and EVERYTHING I’ve ever ordered from them is still “in processing.” Which can’t be right, otherwise all these mickey waffles I’ve been eating are a figment of my imagination. …is this real life?

Anyway…just curious.

I ordered a ball cap on the 5th and it shipped over the weekend.

Also: mmm, Figment waffles.

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I just got a “partial shipment” notification this morning.

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