AofA Bed Rails

Does AofA have bed rails that would be available for beds to prevent a toddler from falling out? I know I can get a pack and play, but our son never sleeps in them.

Any other suggestions or hacks for preventing a fall out of bed??

I’m not sure but you can always call the hotel and ask :slight_smile: also, Google it! I have seen pool noodles used but not sure that works! We have always tried to move the bed up against the wall but i can’t remember if the beds at AoA moved, sorry! Good luck… You will love AoA!!!

They do have bed rails. We used them last week. They don’t fit very well on the fold out couch bed, which is where our toddler slept. She was fine, however, in the middle of the bed.

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We used the bed rails at Beach Club. But we used them on the couch. It wasn’t a fold out, it kind of did a flip and was a mattress. If AofA has the same, I recommend using that instead of the bed. Our DD, 2 at the time, fit perfect. It was lower to the ground than the bed. One side was against the wall. And the bed rail was almost the full length of the other side with just a little opening at the foot.

We have stayed at AoA twice, and our DDs each had a bed to themselves each trip.

We tucked the sheets in the edges of the pull out couch bed for one with no issues, and backed all 4 chairs up to the fold down table bed for the other.

We did see the bed rails being delivered, so I know they are available.

Love AoA…have fun !!!

We used the bed rails last week on the larger bed at AoA and it worked fine. We used the night table and pillows to fill in the gap at the head. My 14 month old didn’t move much at night down there, he was so pooped out!