AoA suite or FWR cabins?

Thank you to all who replied to post the other day about having to postpone our December trip and having to give up my gift card and free dining discounts. I have licked my wounds and now I am surging forward trying to make this new trip even better!

I have been thinking about moving our reservation to give our family more space. We will be with our two tween boys (12 &13) and thought if I could make it work, a suite/cabin might be nice. I priced AoA cars suite and FWR cabins and for our new stay they would comparable in cost (less that $100 difference). Which would be better? I think our emphasis would be for comfy beds and decent park transportation. Please let me know your thoughts or if you know of another comparable option.

Thank you!

Ok…i stayed in a FW cabin last year and absolutely loved it. It’s was 3 adult women and 2 kids (8 and 5). I loved having our own little “house”. It had a full kitchen and a grill outside. I also LOVED the campgrounds themselves, the Christmas decorations, the campfire, ugh. I could seriously go on and on. I am staying at AoA this Dec. I wouldn’t have chosen it myself, but I’m going with a large group. However, the one thing I am super excited for is 2 bathrooms! In the cabin we stayed in, there was only 1 and it was tricky for that many people. AoA suite also does not have a full kitchen.

Regarding beds…the cabin is probably not the best. I don’t know if there are different sizes, but ours was a queen bed in the same room with bunk beds, and a pull out couch in the living room. I slept in a bunk and it wasn’t super comfy. And if your boys want privacy, it would be difficult. Park transportation is ok, there’s a boat that goes to MK and buses that go elsewhere, but we had a rental and drove everywhere except MK.

So, if you are an outdoorsy person who likes to walk in the woods, etc. I’d choose FW. I know that would be my pick given the choice. But if you need 2 bathrooms and more privacy, AoA might be better.

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The advantage of AoA is two bathrooms and Murphy bed is really comfy. Think the cabins have a pull out couch and bunk beds. The buses were really good from AoA as they didn’t share with other resorts but I guess the cabins you can just hop on ferry. The camp fires would be fun at FW and you would have full kitchen. You just have to decide what more important. The comfortable Murphy beds and 2nd bath would be my choice and the privacy of adults having own room. We found we were not in the rooms very much so I would not be cooking. And AoA had microwave and little fridge so we were able to do breakfast easily and keep our drinks cool. We loved AoA but have stayed at FW before and enjoyed the camp fire and getting on ferry

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We loved our stay at AOA cars suite. We would stay there again in a heartbeat! One bus or can ride POP bus back to resort if necessary, food good and a nice walk over to POP for food, two bathrooms were great with kids, and you can see the HS firworks looking out into the parking lot between lion king blg #10 & animation hall!!

We stayed at AOA and would choose it over the cabins again:

-the cabins are similar to accommodations and surroundings that we have here at home while AOA is more Disney feeling to us
-the layout of the family suite and 2 bathrooms at AOA is great
-we wouldn’t have used the kitchen
-big blue pool at AOA is great
-we found transportation at AOA to be good

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I have heard that if you are in a cabin you can request to be near facilities. That way you can also use them like other campers. Divide and conquer.

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