AoA Suite or 2 Rooms at AS-Movies?

Would you pick an AoA Suite or 2 rooms at ASMovies? AoA Suite is about $300 more. It will be me (the Mom) with DS12 and DS15. I know we could actually fit in 1 room, but we will all be happier if we can spread out a little and have 2 bathrooms. Thanks!

Love AOA. To me it is worth the extra $300. More room, the pools are better and so is the food court.

Have you consider a suite at Music? It's a little less than AoA. But if money isn't an object, AoA is so shiny and new. I love it.

If your kids are picky eaters, you may find yourselves hitting up the food court at Pop. The AoA food court is a love it/hate it thing. I like it a lot, but I've seen families completely flummoxed by the menus there.

Thanks Laurel. I have looked at the suite at Music; it is almost the exact same price as the 2 rooms at Movies. But the food court at Music will be closed during my dates. That's not a deal-breaker, but it is a factor. And part of what I'm wondering is the pull-out beds in a suite vs having "normal" beds by getting 2 regular rooms; with older kids like DS15 I'm wondering how the pull-outs are in either the Music or AoA Suites.

I personally would choose AoA (have stayed at both) mainly because of the pools and food court (so many more options for food at AoA!). Yes, you might have a tiny bit more room in the 2 rooms at ASMovies but if it is me I really don't spend time in the room other than to sleep. We like to enjoy the resort as much as possible. I don't go on vacation to "enjoy the room". LOL. But of course that's just my opinion.

I definitely would vote for the AoA suite, too. It give you more lounging space and better amenities in the room - good sized mini fridge, microwave, coffee pot, sink, plus when not being used for sleep, the table is great for having a quick breakfast before hitting the parks. The pullouts at AoA are very comfortable.

By contrast, the pullouts at Music are the worst things that I have ever slept on in my life, and if my only option were to stay there, I would never go back to WDW again, which is practically heresy on this forum. Now, maybe teenaged boys would not care as much as I did, but I literally did not sleep when we stayed there. It felt a bit like torture. Gosh, I am dramatic. But you get the point.

Drat it! Value prices dropped from yesterday for my dates; now it is over $450 difference to get AoA Suite vs 2 rooms at Movies. I should be happy prices dropped, but worried mostly about buses at Movies. $450 is a lot when looking at value rooms, but if I don't want to wait in line for rides I certainly don't want to wait in line for a bus!

How about two rooms at Pop? I would imagine that would be much closer to Movies in price, but has a nicer food court and better buses, at least from what I have heard. I am trying it for the first time in August. Also, you can take AoA buses if those come first and easily walk over to the AoA food court, which is really nice.

@Iheartepcot - Pop is what I've been holding out for! But they must be close to sold out; the rates didn't drop much for them yesterday. At the moment I can get a Preferred room cheaper than a Standard room on Orbitz??? But maybe that is what I will do; the Pop price is right in the middle between Movies and AoA Suite.

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Why are you worried about the buses at Movies? How about two rooms in Preferred at Sports? It's the first All-Stars to get dropped off, and the food court was just refurb'd last year.

We LOVE AoA, but adjoining rooms at Pop would give you 4 sleeping surfaces instead of 3 (AoA suite has queen + 2 comfortable double pullout/pull downs). Having said that, if you do GG, you can easily save a ton of $ by using the kitchenette at AoA. All great options!