AoA Sept 19-25

Just got a call from Undercover Tourist that AoA will not be open for Sept 19-25. Disney hadn’t told them what my options are, so I am thinking I need to call Disney if I want to choose. Anyone have a good phone number for me to call on this?

I’m guessing we will be moved to a Moderate. I haven’t looked into any of the Moderates yet, so I would love all your opinions. Our group has two 2 yr olds and two 5 yr olds. Skyliner was a perk to AoA. Any moderates on the Skylienr? I should know this, I’ve been studying Disney and TP since Jan 2019, lol. Thanks!

CB is moderate w/ skyliner access

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You can’t choose when it’s third party… I have a reservation through UT for November and I was told by Disney Wholesale department when I called that third party bookings don’t get any choice and will be moved automatically as long as you confirm with UT that you are still going.

Good to know. I think I may try for the fun of it though. Thanks!

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Why do you think you would be moved to a moderate if your booking is a value?

With at least 5 people, sounds like they had a suite. There aren’t any suites that sleep 5 or more. Most of the suites have been moved to either CBR 5th sleeper rooms or dvc.

Most likely you are right but the 2 yr olds don’t count against room capacity so I would watch it carefully?

Well, only 1 doesn’t count, but if she paid for a suite they have to give something comparable, which doesn’t exist in the only other value open.

If you have two children under 3 only 1 doesn’t count? I never knew that! Thanks!

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@ninjasherrie @PrincipalTinker Sorry for the delayed response. I took a hiatus because I didn’t want to think about not going :frowning: Booked LM room at AoA initially. Nothing in values that is equal or greater price. So since AoA is closed, they are moving ppl to moderates. I contacted Undercover Tourist and kindly stated our preference was CBR. I ended up with preferred rooms at CBR! Huge upgrade and now it is nearly impossible to cancel this trip…or maybe just more heartbreaking when we do.


I ended up with a sweet upgrade from Undercover Tourist also - we were moved from AKL Standard to Contemporary Theme Park View…
Needless to say, unless the apocalypse comes, I’m not cancelling!!



(I’ve never used that expression before but this seemed like a good opportunity.)