AoA Pool Closed?

We are staying at AoA 20-22 Nov and just got this in an email:

. As part of these efforts, one of the three pools at your Disney Resort hotel will be temporarily closed during your stay and you may see or hear work in progress. However, the other two pools will remain open and available for your enjoyment.

Anyone know which pool? May want to change our resort.

Someone I k ow was staying there this week and reported that the heater wasn’t working in the Cars pool. Could be to repair that or they could just be doing a deep clean before peak season hits.

I can’t find it right now, but there was an earlier thread explaining that all three AoA pools would be closed within a 7-10 day stretch, but only one will be closed at a time. Sorry I can’t be more help!

Found a link from wdw magic.’s-art-of-animation-resort-closing-for-refurbishment-beginning-next-week.htm

Bummer. DD6 has been begging for a LM room since we stayed Nemo last year. The LM pool being closed for our exact dates might crush her. Time to see what other resorts are available and save this one for a later visit.

Thanks for the info, Liners are the best!

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