AoA or POR- Riverside?

We’re a family of 5 (DD7, DS4, DD1). We are going for several nights as a family and then meeting up with extended family for the last 4 nights of our trip. There will be an additional 6 adults 2 year old and infant. We are going late January/early February when crowds are very low.

We have stayed at AoA before and really liked it. We don’t spend much time at the resorts but did there twice. My husband’s only complaint was the bus rides. We are currently booked at Port Orleans Riverside but I’ve seen that the buses can be busy and the resort is very spread out. How do the bus rides and resort sizes compare? If we stay at POR we could all stay in alligator Bayou. If we stay at AoA some will be in mermaid rooms and some will be in suites.

Is Port Orleans too spread out for little kids? How do the buses compare for wait and ride time?

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

We stayed at POR last time in late January, and we requested a room “as close to a bus stop as possible” with the explanation that we had little ones with short legs. They were very accommodating, as usual. I can’t comment on the bus ride compared to other resorts since we stayed at Shades of Green the other times in recent memory, but we had no complaints in general.

The one thing that I will put out there about the time frame you are traveling, is there are a LOT of sports events at the Sports Complex, which usually fills up ALL the Value resorts. The teenagers running around can be problematic, especially if your littles tend to need a rest in the day. For that reason alone, I would request a room close to the bus stop and stick with POR.

I was at POR in November. We requested a room near the west bus stop and they gave us that. The west stop is the first bus to be picked up so we always got a seat and never had a full bus pass us. That stop is also the first to be dropped off so you can get off right away. It was perfect!