AoA - Noise Ratings on Suites

I have been looking at the TP room selector for AoA, and it seems to pretty consistently show the 4th floor is the quietest and the 1st floor is the loudest. I think I would prefer to avoid the elevator (it’s just another line to wait in, right? ;)), so I was thinking about the 1st floor. But I’m curious for anyone that has stayed in the suites - what have you found the noise situation to be? Do you really need to go to the 4th floor for it to be quiet? I’m thinking I will request a Building 3 lake view (Cars section), so I figure that should be pretty quiet, right?

Just curious to know what others have found. Thanks!

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We stayed on the 3rd floor in a Cars suite in building 3. We were all the way down at the end and overlooked the Cozy Cone pool. It was pretty quiet during our stay!

We stayed on the 4th floor, lake view, of the Lion King Suites. Never once had to wait in a line for the elevator. Loved our location, very quiet which was a huge contrast from the food court and Big Blue pool. We also prefer top floor so as not to have people above you who may not be quiet.

We stayed in 4th floor nemo suites, right by the elevator. Never had a line to wait for the elevator and less walking! It was very quiet, I only recall at a couple of times I heard kids in the hallway.

Very similar experience here. We were in Nemo, facing the lake, floor 3. Very quiet, never any waits for the elevator…occasionally took the stairs. No problem at all. :smiley:

In Jan. we were in LK on the first floor, away from the elevators, facing the parking lot. I don’t remember hearing much noise at all. We loved AOA.

Thanks everyone! I’m getting very excited about our stay!

We were in Cars Building 1 - Mater, staying in the Cars room absolutely CLOSEST to Animation Hall. The door to the outside banged a bit, especially at night as people were coming and going, and talking in the halls - because EVERY SINGLE PERSON coming into the building from Animation Hall or the pools would naturally walk past our room en route. Even still, in the master bedroom it was quiet, and in the living area it still wasn’t too bad at all - not enough to interrupt our sleep or bedtime. I’d absolutely stay in the exact same room again with zero hesitation!

We were on the first floor in one of the Nemo buildings. I thought it would be loud but it was very quiet.

We stayed on the first floor in a LK suite. We had a stroller and loved not having to deal with the elevator. It was very quiet, and I was never bothered by noise (even though I slept in the table bed close to the door).