AoA Nemo Suites vs Boardwalk

Advice needed: Summer trip planned for 8 (2 Adults, 1 senior, 1 19yo, 2 kids 12 yoa, 2 kids 10 yoa) at Art of Animation Nemo Suites. Just looked at Summer Passholder discounts and can save $1100(!!!) if we stay at the Boardwalk (never stayed here before, but staying with DH in May). $1100 is a pretty good savings, but hesitant to give up extra room/bathrooms and theming in Nemo suites. Any thoughts?

How many rooms will you need?

@jenniemouse- 2 rooms. Sadly, there is no AP discount for Nemo Suites, which is what we had our hearts set on- think the kids would LOVE the theming (not so much Lion King/Cars- a little blah)!

I’m all about saving money plus Boardwalk is beautiful and you are within walking distance of Epcot and HS which eliminates riding the bus 50% of the time that you would from AoA. Plus you’ll have much much better beds, better availability of food, I can’t really think of a downside. You’ll still have two rooms and two bathrooms. I would also check the prices for BC and YC as they will be just about the same in terms of amenities but YC is usually the cheaper of the three.

Thanks, @Outer1- great point about the transportation! The downsides were disappointing the kiddos with a less kid-friendly theme and giving up 2 bathrooms (would have 2/room, 4 total, in AoA family suites). But I think $ and travel time might trump those 2 things! Thanks for your help!

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If you look into and end up choosing BC or YC you’ll also get SAB which will probably more than erase the memory of any lost theming as far as the kids are concerned.

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@Outer1- No BC or YC available :frowning:, but not a huge deal as we may not spend much or any time at the pool anyway.

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Well they would probably enjoy flying out of a clown’s mouth also lol. I’m sure whatever you choose it’ll be great. The kids will be at Disney so hopefully they’ll be more concerned with the parks than the room.

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Hmm… leaving AoA for BW is a significant loss in sleeping surfaces, from 6 to 4 for your group (unless you have 2 queens plus daybed in each BW room, which makes it fairly tight), and separate rooms, from 4 to 2, and cooking potential, from kitchenette (with sink, microwave, fridge, dishes) to mini fridge. Not to mention the bathroom issue.

We love AoA. To be honest, we found Nemo a bit overwhelming - loud and busy, but certainly central and convenient. Cars has the most amazing theming and a beautiful “quiet pool” (it’s like REALLY being in Radiator Springs - it is obligatory to watch the movie before going!), and Lion King has such refreshingly beautiful scenery - all plants and wilderness (but no pool), probably the most “adult” of the family suites.

Also, the kitchenette is stocked daily with plates/bowls/cutlery, so we did a Garden Grocer order and save a ton of money.

I’m sure that no matter what you do, you’ll have a fantastic trip, just depends on how much space you need for the duration of your trip. (We’re having the same debate right now - but just for a family of 4, to adults and kids 4&6 - undecided between AoA and BC. We’re booked at BC, but after a 5-night Easter trip sharing a room… I’m thinking AoA - which we LOVE.)

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Thank you to all for your help! We took everyone’s input and weighed all the pros and cons to each and took a vote- to my surprise, BWI won out and we changed our reservation. Everyone was happier with the closer distance to 2 parks and the deluxe accommodations and said the Nemo theme and extra room was no big deal, as we won’t be there very much. So everyone’s happy and I saved an extra $1100! Woo hoo!!!

Thanks again!