AoA LM room - where to hang a clothes line?

We are heading to the World in 28 days!!! One of the things we plan on doing this trip is washing some clothes (in the sink most likely) and swimming so I’ve been looking at the clothes lines on amazon.

I’m just wondering where can I attach the line? The one I am considering has hooks on either end. Can someone who has been to AoA help me out? It’s our first time at that hotel.


There should be a clothes line in the bathroom. I will admit it took me years (ok- I am very embarrassed about this) to find it so I took pictures my last trip!

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I wouldn’t have seen it either!! Thank you so much!!

I read about it before I went otherwise I wouldn’t have found it either! Take your own pegs.

People kept on telling me there was a line in the shower- 20 trips later- I found it :grimacing:

This is awesome. Is it the only resort with one?

They all have them! This picture is from WL but all the bathrooms have the rope.

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Thank you so much!