AOA distance from Mermaid rooms to Cars family suites

So I booked a Cars family suite for my family and our friend is in a Little Mermaid standard room. I was getting the military discount so no other type of suite was available, and we really wanted that theming anyway, so I’m not interested in changing. We requested to be as close together as possible but we know how far away those sections are of the resort. How bad will it be? I’m assuming that when we meet up we should just meet in the lobby or something. When we travel together we usually get rooms right next to each other so this will be a big change but we wanted AOA.

At most 5 minutes walking

Edit: okay, make it 10 minutes. It’s 1/2 mile between the 2 farthest buildings

You will be meeting at the bus stops by the lobby or by the skyliner station. Everything will be right in the middle.

Those are the furthest away though. Lion King would be next to Mermaid if you’re interested in switching. Can’t beat the Cars theme though.

I can’t switch b/c the only military discounted room I could get (more than a year ago) was a Cars family suite. There is a very limited number of those discounted rooms.

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Cars suites are awesome, you’ll love it! Even if you’re in the farthest rooms it’s not that big a deal. The walk from animation hall is about the same as the walk from the Magic Kingdom entrance to the bus stop (which is the farthest one, by the way).

If you’re ever waiting a long time for the resort bus and you have the opportunity to get on a bus for Pop, take it. The walk is only slightly longer so if it saves you waiting at the bus stop it’s worth it.