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My trip is in 2 weeks so starting to look at the room request options for Art of Animation. I was wondering if there is any way to search by connecting rooms? If not, would anyone happen to have an idea of which rooms might be connecting? I’ve clicked on several and none yet have a connecting room listed.

Additionally, I have already requested a connecting room through my original reservation. Would sending a fax room request complicate things and somehow overwrite that request? With Little Mermaid section ideally I’d like to be building 9 since it’s a tad closer and away from construction. However, I also don’t want to overthink the whole process and somehow end up with none of our preferences by requesting to much.

AoA, other than the Little Mermaid section, is all suites so all the rooms in the Cars, Lion King and Finding Nemo will be connected. If you mean to have 2 suites connected, I do not believe you will find any that are connected that way and also none of the Little Mermaid rooms are connected.

Interesting. I read elsewhere that while the suites areas don’t have connecting rooms, they are available in the Little Mermaid section. Might be easiest for me to just call at this point. Thanks!

I saw a post here just a few days ago from someone who had connecting rooms at AOA in the Little Mermaid section. They definitely exist.

I was wondering this exact thing and someone just confirmed they had very recently stayed in connecting rooms in the little mermaid section. They definitely exist. Just not sure how many or what specific building has them, etc.

I’m going based on a few things.
The room finder doesn’t show any.
The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2019 (and previous versions) do not say anything about connecting rooms at AoA
Disney own website has family suites which are the connecting rooms at All Star Music. At AoA it does list Family Suites but the only pictures it shows are of the other 3 sections (Lion King, Finding Nemo and Cars)
I also looked back in the search here in the forum and could not find any mention of there being one.
Is it possible there are, however, from everything I have read and looked at and researched, I have not found any in the Little Mermaid section as they are all listed as individual rooms.

I found the other thread, here is the info they posted:

We just left connecting rooms at AOA. Stayed in 9754 and 9755. Third floor.

Those rooms are definitely in Little Mermaid Section based on TP’s room finder.

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I would love to know why there is nothing listed in the rooms finder about connecting rooms. And why everything is listed here, in the Unofficial Guide and even Disney’s own website, doesn’t list anything about connection rooms?

With what you have listed, it would be on the 3rd floor of building 9

Could you share the thread?

We have stayed in the Little Mermaid rooms on two separate occasions. Our party is a group of 8. Both times we had connecting rooms. I requested them when I booked the room, with the TP fax a few days before and when we arrived to check in. They definitely exist. I’ll try to get specific room numbers.

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Okay - last week we stayed in 9754 and 9755. Third floor.

Our first trip we stayed in building 7 on the first floor overlooking Hourglass lake. We were on the side closer to the Lion King rooms one or two doors down from the corner of the building. This particular location is great. Pretty view and closest to the cafeteria you can get in the Little Mermaid Suites. I cannot find specific room numbers though!

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The OP posted on this thread. No clue why TP doesn’t include it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I never noticed Disney to mention connecting rooms at any of their resorts, but that might just be because I wasn’t looking.

If someone on here does have proof, a picture or reservation that has the information, they can send a message/email with the information and it will be updated.

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