AOA coffee refills in room

In AOA Family suites, is the coffer re-stocked daily be housekeeping?

I’m not picky about my brew. I just want a hot cup in the morning. Do I need to bring some from home, or will it be provided?

It should get restocked. You get daily housekeeping at AOA. If they don’t, you can just ask for extra packets.

How big is the coffee maker? I am picturing the 1-2 cup ones you usually find in hotels, but since the room is for up to 6 adults I’m hoping it’s regular size.

Is it a K cup or a regular coffee maker?

I’d love to know the answer to this question, too! I’m happy to bring coffee from home, but I don’t have any idea what packaging (filters, k-cups, etc) I’d need to bring.

Interested on answers to this too- we’re staying at AKL and I’m ordering from Garden Grocer (??) but I’m not sure what format to request. I absolutely need a cup before I’m fit to leave the room lol

Coffee makers vary from resort to resort unfortunately.
At BC, we only had a dinky 4 cup pot, but they still provided the Joffrey’s 12 cup packet. Useless!
At BW, we had a nice full sized pot.
I’ve seen some YouTube videos of rooms with K-cup machines.
We stayed at AoA a couple of years ago but for the life of me, I cannot remember what size coffee pot was there. I’m sorry!!
It’s unlikely that it’s K-cup at AoA.
We always bring a bag of coffee from home. No matter what size we end up with, we’re able to just measure it out.

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