Anywhere to view all table service restaurants in a list with reader ratings?

I’m new here, so my apologies if I’m missing something, but I’m looking for where I might be able to filter restaurants by table service/able to make reservations with ratings and such in the list (without having to click on each one).

I see a list in the Magic Kingdom section (with ratings displayed), but in the other parks it’s just a named list. Furthermore, I can’t find a comprehensive way to view all.


I have looked and I cannot find one. I see if you look at the restaurant info, each page has the ratings, and I see some blog posts, but not a master list. Is it in the Unofficlal Guide?

I have not purchased the 2019 edition but all of my old copies have a alpha lists of both QS and TS and the reader ratings.

Gotcha. I just wish there was something on the site (for sorting/filtering and such).

AllEars have a Dining reviews page. You do need to click on each park, but then it shows the ratings for each one. Resorts though are split into each escort.

and actually MDE if you do reservations for far out and select Dinner, it lists TS with availability and also the ratings

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This is from the 2015 edition but the UG has an overview of each of them as well as the rating:

Right, those are from Tripadvisor, they probably have the greatest numbers of ratings to go by. They are easier to search on MDE than if you go to the TA website, too, because you can filter it by TS or not, whereas on the TA website, it just lists them all.