Anyway to have visitors

We are staying at BW in a week and a half and my husband is no longer able to come with us. My sister and her husband are driving distance away and are going to come during the same time, to help me with my two kids. They are not able to get a reservation at BW, so are staying at a different on-property hotel (but are constantly checking for last minute availability). Is there any way for them to drive to my hotel and park for a few hours to help me cover nap time? Technically, I could put them on my reservation without exceeding the number of guests allowed. But they want their own space (especially since I only have a hotel room, not a villa/bedroom), so will have their own reservation elsewhere.


When they come through the gate guard they can give them your name ( reservation name) and tell them they are meeting you. They should be allowed through. I’ve done this a few times successfully.


I will say that I have stayed at BW three times in the last 8 months. You would have no problem having them join you at the pool.


As others said they shouldn’t have any issue giving your name at the gate and gaining entry. A local friend often visits me and she just gives them my name and sometimes has to show her drivers license and then she has entry.

Eta: she has also stayed the night and had no issues with her car being parked overnight either.

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