Anytime LL question

Had a 6:30 LL for SDD that got converted to an Anytime due to the storm tonight. I was thinking, “BINGO!” Went to guest services and asked them to move it to tomorrow, which they did, but in MDE, it shows as being good ONLY for SDD. Does anyone know if it will work for others or if I go to guest services if they can make it good for anything? I would understand if it had been for a lower tier attraction like Star Tours, but SDD is probably one of the most coveted LLs at DHS. Could they do anything for this at the hotel? I’m staying on property.

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Interesting. Over on chat there is discussion about all of the “anytimes” given out yesterday.

Our SDD that converted at 8.45pm wasn’t even good for the next day! At MK they did convert it but we had to choose a ride. We picked Space.

I asked at a blue umbrella today about getting any anytime for any ride. They were willing to change it, but it wouldn’t count for MMRR or ToT. They said the reason that it didn’t automatically become a “golden ticket” was that SDD went down for weather, and as the only outdoor attraction, it was the only attraction affected, so it was the only one that it would apply to. We ended up using it this morning, and then were able to get another at the 10:47 drop, so two SDDs in a single day isn’t bad.

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