Anything better?


This may be a dumb question, based on where I'm posting it, but I'm just curious if any of you like to vacation somewhere other than WDW more than WDW. (I don't!) If so, where?


YES. I love WDW - obviously. However love going to Europe. And to be honest - it is about the same cost


Our other favorite vacation spot is here in the 603 at the beach. That vacation is the polar opposite of WDW, but both soothe the soul in different ways


I love Huatulco, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos in Mexico!


I want to go to Yosemite and Yellowstone.


We just got back from an amazing, awesome, breath-taking, unbelievable 2 and a half weeks in Hawaii - where we climbed up on a volcano crater, hiked in a Jurassic jungle, snorkeled with manta rays swimming literally inches from our noses, watched an active volcano spew lava 50 feet in the air, experienced 90 degree heat then an hour later 30 degrees with wind gusts and a view of every star in the sky, sailed along a coast with 4,000 foot peaks rising from the ocean, scuba'd with an amazing variety of sea life, watched 20 foot waves crash on lava.

Sorry Disney, you can create magic, but not anything like this.

I'm still blown away.


We are fortunate to live in a city where many come to vacation (the 619 and 858), but I am with @LissaKay. We go to Hawaii every year. As a plant guy I really enjoy touring theme parks and the magical atmosphere at night. But nothing compares to the Aloha spirit, plant life, water life, and feeling of being in Hawaii. It just feels and smells good. The land, plants, ocean, food, and music are amazing...all while still being in a first world country.


Well for right now, it is only WDW. My fiance, Andrea has onlly been to WDW once and for our honeymoon, she has picked WDW over a couples resort in Pennsylvania, going to Vegas, or going anywhere else. She said that she wants to go there and wants to do things we might not do on other trips - tours and more.


The thing about WDW is unless you live there or work as a Disney specialist/blogger/TA/etc I don't think you could ever do it all. Which is WONDERFUL! Always a reason to keep going back :slight_smile:


While not nearly as extravagant as Hawaii or even WDW, we love our week at Cape Cod every year. It's a week full of relaxation, beach, sand and fishing. A much different pace, but it works for us. Just love the ocean!


Living in PA and thinking of some of the couples resorts available - GOOD CHOICE on WDW!!!!!


We are VERY fortunate that my parents spring for a house in Duck, NC every year. Been doing it for about 8 years in a row. Nothing crazy - but it is the singular week every year that we actually relax. Happy hour slowly creeps up earlier and earlier every day as the week goes on!


In reading this as I am watching the news - WOW how fortunate are we all that we can have this discussion. How lucky are we that we can actually go on / afford vacations. Take a moment to realize how lucky and fortunate we are


Hawaii is definitely an amazing place - did 2+ weeks in Oahu, Maui, and TBI several years ago, and then spent a week in Kauaii last year. Two outstanding trips!

The Cape is great too - especially off-season when it's just us locals. :wink:


It would have been probably Cove Haven


We usually head down for a few long weekends in the offseason, but the beach just isn't the same when you sit there bundled up amidst the snow drifts!