Anyone with Hopper Plus Tickets?

Has anyone with a current package with hopper plus tickets received an email directly from Disney or spoke to a CM?

I wonder what they are offering. What the price difference will be. What they are saying about the “pluses” like water parks and putt putt.

My MDE is currently still showing all my ADR’s as well as putt putt, Droid Depot, umbrella ressie at TL, everything. And still no email. Maybe Pixie dust and I’m the only one not cancelled :wink::rofl: Kidding of course.

We have regular park hoppers, and no communication yet.

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I have PH-Pluses, my FP’s disappeared today but ADR’s and light saber ressie are still there. The email I got didn’t address anything specific about the tickets, but I’m certainly not going to use them if we can’t actually hop. (I mean, we aren’t going anyway, but when I reschedule I want to make sure we can either use the PHP or get a refund for the difference.)

This is what I get for splurging on the outside chance of going to the water park…

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For our trip starting on Aug 30th we have regular park hoppers. We haven’t heard anything yet. Half of my dining reservations are gone. For some reason Grand Floridian Cafe, Citricos, and California Grill haven’t been cancelled yet. I find that odd…

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That’s interesting. I have two trips, a Sept trip and Nov trip. The only ADR that has cancelled is Artist Point for both my trips. So strange. I hear of some people already having their dining plans removed and their package price reflecting the 35% room discount. Nothing has changed on my MDE to reflect that. Package still the same, tickets still set to expire at end of trip.???

It’s Disney IT, did you expect it to make sense?!

:rofl: Good point.

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I think they are doing the cancellations venue by venue rather than all at once. It’s odd but I am sure all of our ADR’s will be gone by tomorrow!

I have regular PH too. The only ADRs canceled were the resort reservations - I had The Wave, Boma and Artistry Point. My in park ADRs are still there. The email did not specify anything. What does this all mean? :eyes:

I am envisioning a huge computer lab with a big old flock of pigeons pecking away at keyboards, tediously cancelling ADRs one by one in some order that only makes sense if you’re a pigeon. Which I’m assuming you’re not (please forgive me if that’s a bad assumption). So don’t even try.

I’m feeling pretty confident that’s really how it’s working. It totally a aligns with everything everyone is reporting!


And 2020


Blockquote only makes sense if you’re a pigeon. Which I’m assuming you’re not (please forgive me if that’s a bad assumption).> Blockquote

Wow, there is no need to answer this way. You could have simply said “no one knows!” or not responded at all. Kindness is seriously underrated these days. Sad.

Oh. I took it too mean WDW is behaving as unpredictably as a flock of birds would. I think she meant it in a giant jest. Like it’s a mess and we have no idea how to guess what they will drop on us next. She’s a good egg and not inclined to make fun of someone.


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:GoOd GriEf :astonished:
I just realized I’ve used bird puns. I need to go to bed.


Well, I don’t seem to be able to properly use the quote thing, so maybe I am a pigeon or just need to go to bed/leave this thread

Anyhow, hope we all get more information soon. Really need some Disney Magic.

Sorry, I was just trying to jest and I apologize that wasn’t how it came across. It wasn’t meant as a dig at you, just responding to the haphazardness of what everyone is seeing.


Got it! Thank you for clarifying :+1:

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Hilarious. I also am imagining each email being hand typed person by person because each screen shot of emails coming from people all the wording seems a little bit different! :rofl:


Monks. Those are monks that have been out of work since Gutenberg. They also feed and look after the pigeons. :wink:


@cbalusek @StephanieV @Disneydaddio OK finally talked to a lovely CM from guest services yesterday on the hopper/hopper plus ticket refund issue.

First, to be clear there is nothing official from Disney that hopping wont be offered but lets all get real, it won’t be offered for the foreseeable future.

Also, the CM firmly stated that water parks and mini golf are closed at this time. With no time frame to reopen…so your guess is as good as mine whether or not there will be water parks come sept? oct? nov? at all in 2020?

So, where does that leave us with tickets?? The CM said to give Disney another day or two to get through cancelling all the ADR’s and FPP and experiences. Once everything is cleared out, at that point they will be opening up their systems to make MODIFICATIONS. So, possibly by the end of the week we will be able to modify our current hopper/hopper plus ticket to a base ticket and be refunded and/or have new balance reflected. The CM wasn’t sure if we ourselves could modify online or if we would have to call. But at least I feel like I got a few more answers…well maybe just one.

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