Anyone willing to pick up some extra maps to mail?

High maintance request :wink: … but are there any local liners in the parks the next couple days that would be willing to pick up a few extra maps of DL & DCA (and times guides?) to mail for my kids & I to pour over? I get so tired of looking at screens and we all want to have our bearings ahead of time! (Plus the pdfs I’ve tried printing are still too small for me) I could paypal the postage to you! Thought it was worth an ask! Thanks!

There have been a few of these requests, so I picked up a few extra maps today. DM me your address and I would be happy to send you a set.


Awesome! That is so nice of you! :slight_smile: I’ll send you my info…Thanks!

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I nabbed a few extra copies of maps as well if anyone needs some! DM me if so.

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