Anyone want to evaluate my MNSSHP touring plan?

I know this is super far away but now that ADR’s are done, I am working on touring plans.
This is what I’ve come up with for our MNSSHP. I have never been to a party before so I’m not sure if this will flow well and if the wait times look realistic.
If anyone could let me know if this looks like a good plan or not, I would appreciate the feedback.
Just a few things I will add is that we don’t plan on lining up for characters during the party. And I set the start time to 9:15am for the morning part b/c I don’t want to set it at 9am since I know we won’t be at the front of the pack for RD. My kids are also dying to go on 7DMT b/c we missed the opening of it last May by about 2 weeks. So they say they want to do that first. So I will definitely be trying to get a morning Fpp for that. Hope the link works and thanks in advance for any input.

At a quick glance, it looks good. The main thing I look at is “Free Time” - you only have 3 minutes, so you are making great use of your time in the park!

Looks good but I think CHH closes super early on party nights so you will want to double check on that and have a back up! Love the trick or treat trail behind barnstormer- good add! Have fun! We will be there oct 2nd :slight_smile: for the party! We love mnsshp!!!

I would just be careful of your time around Space. You really don’t want to be behind or out of view for Celebrate the Magic

thx! I’m actually hoping we may be able to eat a little earlier, in the 5pm hour hopefully, just depends on how long DD’s BBB appointment goes. Pinochios would probably have to be my back up.

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thx for looking @PrincipalTinker. will we be able to see CTM from the tomorrowland bridge? I was planning on trying to get a spot there. How early should I be there? It doesn’t have to be a perfect spot. We missed CTM on our last trip so I have never seen it.

The show is magical! I have watched it from the Tomorrowland Terrace during the Dessert Party and I thought the view was great so I would guess the bridge would work. Some people have said they think the full effects are better from the front, but honestly, the show is so great I enjoy it from any angle.