Anyone want a Teppan Edo 11/18/17 or Sci-fi 11/19/17 ADR?

I have a Teppan Edo ADR for 11/18/17 @ 2:10pm and a Sci-Fi ADR for 11/19/17 @ 3:45 if anybody wants to try to coordinate grabbing them when I let them go. We switched the days up on our touring plans. So, we don’t need them now.

I am new to doing the swap maneuver, but if you can explain it to me I would be eternally grateful for the Sci-Fi one!

I’m fairly new too. I think we just agree on a time for me to cancel it and at that same time you try to make a reservation from you MDE account. Evenings are usually better for me. I am on central time. Would this evening work for you? I will get an e-mail if you respond to this and can respond back to you.

Tonight is great I am on Eastern time and should be able to swing this anytime after 8:00 pm EST you name the hour and I’ll swear it is the best idea ever! Thanks again you made a kids whole Disney trip!:grinning:

I am ready now if you are