Anyone used the AMEX room in the Universal parks?


I hear that if you buy your tickets by AMEX, there is a room you can use where they give you free water and cookies, anyone know anything about this please? and do I need to book the tickets directly with Universal to qualify?


Oh that is a good idea. Interested in the answer.


I want to know as well.


We did this in Jan 2016 so things may have changed since then, but we went to Universal for the day and bought our tickets at the gate so I don’t know about buying them in advance/from a third party. From what I remember, the room was very difficult to find and we had to ask multiple people for help locating it (some had no idea what we were talking about). The actual room had some seating and then small bottles of water and small bags of chips to take (there may have been other food, but that’s all I remember getting). We didn’t stay very long, just got our stuff and left, as I believe there were no open seats. It wasn’t very exciting but the free water was nice.


…but oh the exclusivity :wink:.


Do you remember where it was please? free water would be nice


It’s by the Shrek ride. I googled it and found the Yelp reviews:

Someone posted a picture of the actual door so that should be helpful in finding it (you can see the very small sign next to it that says American Express Lounge).


Does it look like the photograph inside?


I believe so. We were in there so briefly because there was nowhere left to sit (and this was the second week of January so not busy) and it was so small. They conveniently put the snacks/water right below a TV too so we had the pleasure of everyone staring at us while we took what we wanted :roll_eyes:


thank you, that’s very useful


We did this a couple of years ago…same experience as @jenn94…we used Amex points for the tickets directly from Amex…not UinvetsaI. I remember granola bars and very peppery chips! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: